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Though the production of cotton, home furnishing is spread all over the country, its concentration is in the following areas :-

Andhra Pradesh -- is famous for shirting fabrics, block printed fabrics and made-ups, bed spreads and household textiles.

Assam -- produces striped shawls and printed dress materials, 90 per cent of country's eri silk and 100 per cent of muga silk

Bihar -- produces tasar and finer cotton muslina.

Gujarat -- is popular for its block-printed fabrics and made-ups, tinsel printing fabrics, tie-dye materials, masru fabrics and embroidered fabrics.

Haryana -- is famous for cotton furnishings, waste cotton furnishings, bedspreads, durries, towels and woollen items.

Jammu and Kashmir -- is popular for its woollen carpets, woollen shawls, woollen durries, silk items and crewal embroidered fabrics and made-ups.

Karnataka -- is not only the main production centre for silk, raw silk and silk goods but also famous for cotton and cotton textiles.

Kerala -- is popular for its crepe, casement, mixed/blended fabrics and made-ups furnishings shirting materials, towels, bath mats and table & kitchen linen.

Madhya Pradesh -- is famous for its block printed fabrics and made-ups, tinsel printing fabrics, fine muslins, cotton sarees with silk borders, finer cotton dhoties and sarees.

Maharashtra -- is popular for cotton textiles, cotton sarees, block-printed fabrics, and tinsel printing fabrics.

Orissa -- produces fine cotton fabrics, tasar silk items and Batik printed items.

Punjab -- has the highest number of woollen mills and produces woollen items and phulukari embroidery.

Pondicherry -- weaves shirting fabrics and lunghies.

Rajasthan -- fine muslins and cotton sarees are woven in Kota & block painted fabrics, furnishings, bedspreads, tinsel printing and tie-dye materials.

Tamil Nadu -- is famous for lungies and shirting fabrics, bedspreads, towels, household textiles furnishings, handkerchiefs, block-printed fabrics, and made-ups.

U.P.-- is famous for checked and striped cottons, fine muslins block printed fabrics and made-ups, bedcovers/quilt covers, furnishings. U.P is also famous for its chickan embroidery and Etawah for striped bedspreads, cotton carpets, woollen carpets, silk items, sarees, dress materials.

West Bengal -- known for finer cotton muslins, cotton sarees, silk materials, mixed fabrics and block printed fabrics, kantha embroidery. 75 percent of jute production is from West Bengal.
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