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 A comprehensive range of services is provided to the overseas buyers. We inform and advise them of:
Product Availability
Price Structure
Reliable Structure
Delivery Schedules
Quality Control Status; and
Special Information that an overseas buyer may need.

A catalyst with a selective integrated approach to exports, ITPO concentrates on specific buyers in overseas markets, specific exports and specific products.  It is this micro or pinpointed approach to export promotion which marks it out from other export promotion bodies in the country.
Arrive in India and leave the rest to us to:
Fix Appointments with Indian Exporters;
Organise visits to manufacturing units;
Arrange display of products for you;
Locate suitable manufacturers to carry out modification and product adaptation
Identify manufacturing units for export-oriented joint ventures; and
Supply data on capacity, equipment, quality control, etc., about ITPO's member firms

And all our services to the overseas buyers are free.
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Pragati Bhavan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110 001, 
Tel. : 91-11-3319841, 3371700, Fax : 91-11- 3318135, 3371871
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