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The India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) is proud to present Tex-Styles India 2001 from January 30 to February 2, 2001 at Hall Nos. 14 & 18, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The seventh in the series, Tex-Styles India 2001 promises even more varied range of Indian textiles and exposes you to the best Indian companies manufacturing quality products. The mega success of the proceeding fairs has given "Tex-Styles India" a global recognition and placed it on the world map of reputed textile shows of the world. This success is evident in the record turnout of over 2,770 overseas buyers from 84 countries at the fair in 2000. It is also the only trade event of its kind in India supported by the Ministry of Textiles, Textiles Commissioner and all other textile related Governmental and trade bodies, all of whom are actively associated with the event.
Tex-Styles India 2001 will showcase the diversity, range and richness of Indian craftsmanship and textiles produced with the latest technology. In addition to exhibition every conceivable range of product from yarns to fabrics, furnishings, made ups and accessories from Cotton, Wool, Silk, Synthetics, Jute, etc. by over 300 leading companies, a number of professional inputs will help you source the best Indian products in the least possible time. Some features of the event which make your visit even more productive are:
  • Tex-Styles India 2001 will showcase products specially adapted to the requirements of overseas markets according to the latest forecasts. On display will be products for Spring/Summer 2002 and an early look at the Autumn/Winter 2002.
  • Fabrics from some of the most sophisticated state-of -the -art composite mills, powerloom, handloom and high end of the designer fabric market for apparel, furnishings, etc. would be on show. Fabrics of finer count, regular, latest developments in jute, linen, silks, denims, wool-only to mention a few.
  • The range of fabrics. Furnishings & made ups would be specially made for the Tex-Styles India show and thus rarely seen on other occasions. There will be an impressive display of new products to be launched for the first time at the event and will give visitors the complete picture-new developments, latest trends, future prospects and business potential.
  • Theme pavilion: The show each year reflects a theme which is aptly and precisely highlighted by India's premier fashion school. It will also update you on latest developments in textiles and advances in state-of -the -art facilities at manufacturing units.
  • Trend Forum: A unique Forum showing Season's forecasts, World trends & their interpretations by leading designers from India and abroad.
  • The Fabric Folio Pavilion: will exhibit the latest developments of the textile industry from all over India with an array of the most comprehensive range of Indian textiles under one roof. This section will take someone into the future to assess fabric looks, designs & techniques likely to be in vogue in the year 2001 and beyond.
  • Designer's Corner: will present a creative design for the first time, made from Indian fabrics by overseas designers of International repute.
  • If you would like to see what these fabulous textiles will actually look on person, wait to see the Style Shows-held everyday of the fair. For you and for you only.
  • Coinciding with another important event India International Garment fair (January 28-30, 2001) being held at the same venue, Tex-Styles India 2001 will provide apparel buyers looking for quality fabrics an excellent opportunity to source their fabric requirements from the Tex-Styles India show.
The India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO), all its partners and the participants look forward to welcoming you to this showcase of the Indian Textile industry. Not many events of the world can boast of an increase in overseas visitors every year, but we in all modesty still feel that there is room for many more of you to join us on this occasion.

We extend you a warm welcome and hope to see you on any day between January 30 to February 2, 2000 from 9.30 to 6.00 PM at Tex-Styles India 2001, at the state-of-the -art fair grounds at Pragati Maidan, Mathura Road, New Delhi.

For any assistance at New Delhi, please feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to receiving you


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